Author: Johannes Schachenmayer

Coherent coupling of single molecules to on-chip ring resonators

The experimentalists in Erlangen in the group of Vahid Sandoghdar have now achieved coupling of molecules to a ring-resonator… on a chip! (click here to access the full text). We report on cryogenic coupling of organic molecules to ring microresonators obtained by looping subwavelength waveguides (nanoguides). We discuss fabrication and characterization of the chip-based nanophotonic […]

Sub-picosecond thermalization dynamics in condensation of strongly coupled lattice plasmons

The Aalto group around P. Törmä has realized a Bose-Einstein condensate in plasmonic lattices! A pre-print is now available (click here to access the full text). Bosonic condensates offer exciting prospects for studies of non-equilibrium quantum dynamics. Understanding the dynamics is particularly challenging in the sub-picosecond timescales typical for room temperature luminous driven-dissipative condensates. Here […]

Tilting a ground-state reactivity landscape by vibrational strong coupling

The experimentalists in the group of T. W. Ebbesen in Strasbourg have demonstrated site-selective chemistry using vibrational strong coupling! Their article has been published in Science (click here to access the full text). Many chemical methods have been developed to favor a particular product in transformations of compounds that have two or more reactive sites. […]

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